Echotel Model 335 Non-Contact Ultrasonic Transmitter

Echotel Model 335 is a high performance, non-contact ultrasonic transmitter for liquid level, volume, and open channel flow measurement. The extremely powerful and flexible software incorporated in the Echotel 335 results in virtually unsurpassed measurement performance. Advanced digital signal processing enables the 335 to perform in applications involving in-tank obstructions, light foam and agitation.


Technology of Echotel Model 335 Non-Contact Ultrasonic Transmitter

Non-contact ultrasonic level technology is a proven method for accurate liquid level measurement. This technology features the ability to measure the level or volume of the fluid without making physical contact withthe material. This is especially important in applications containing corrosive materials, suspended solids or coating media.The level measurement is made by emitting an ultrasonic pulse from the transducer and measuring the time required for the echo to reflect from the liquid surface and return to the transducer. The powerful electronics measure the time of the round trip pulse and, by knowing the speed of sound, calculates the distance. Since speed of sound is temperature dependent, the transducer also measures the temperature in the vessel to provide compensation for changing temperature. By inputting the type and geometry of the vessel, the intelligent electronics can calculate the liquid volume in the vessel. In a similar operation, the Model 335 can perform open channel flow measurement by converting the level reading into units of volume per time. Common tank shapes, flumes, and weirs are stored in the 335 software. A 32-point linearization table is also available for unusual tanks or primary flow elements.

Non Contact Ultrasonic Transmitter 1

Features of Echotel Model 335 Non-Contact Ultrasonic Transmitter

  • Custom graphics LCD display module with operational status icons.
  • Advanced digital signal processing assures reliable measurement in difficult applications
  • Dual function bar graph displays echo signal strength or tank level
  • 50 kHz transducer with 26 ft (8 meter) range
  • Narrow, 7-degree beam angle for excellent focus
  • 4–20 mA output and SPDT relay for level control, alarm, diagnostics or remote flow totalization
  • Fixed target suppression to eliminate interference from in-tank obstructions
  • Common tank shapes and 32-point linearization table for volume calculations
  • Extensive support of flume and weir calculations for open channel flow
  • Two totalizers for flow, one resettable, and one non-resettable
  • Temperature compensation over full range of transducer

Applications of Echotel Model 335 Non-Contact Ultrasonic Transmitter

  • Sump, well, tank and open channel measurement
  • Water and wastewater treatment facilities
  • General industrial applications
  • Chemical storage tanks
  • Vessels with highly viscous media
  • Paint, ink and solvent tanks
  • Food and beverage vessels
  • Batch and day tanks