Echotel Model 910 Ultrasonic Level Switch

Echotel Model 910 Level Switches utilize ultrasonic contact technology for measuring level in clean liquid applications. The dual conduit electronics houses an 8-amp DPDT gold flash relay that is field selectable for high or low level fail-safe applications. There are no moving parts that come in contact with the medium. The Echotel Model 910 is an integrally mounted system, comprised of surface mount electronics and a 316 stainless steel transducer.
Hazardous area location approvals are available from FM, CSA, and ATEX.


Technology of Echotel Model 910 Ultrasonic Level Switch

Echotel Model 910 Ultrasonic Level Switch 2

The Model 910 Level Switch uses ultrasonic energy to detect the presence or absence of liquid in a 316 stainless steel tip sensitive transducer gap. The basic principle behind ultrasonic contact technology is that high-frequency sound waves are easily transmitted across a transducer gap in the presence of a liquid medium, but are severely attenuated when the gap is dry. The Model 910 uses an ultrasonic frequency of 3 MHz to perform this liquid level measurement in a wide variety of process media and application conditions. The transducer uses a pair of piezoelectric crystals that are encapsulated in epoxy at the tip of the transducer. The crystals are made of a ceramic material, such as lead zirconate. The transmit crystal converts an electrical signal
from the Model 910 electronics into an ultrasonic signal. When liquid is present in the gap, the receive crystal is able to sense the ultrasonic signal from the transmit crystal and convert it back to an electrical signal. This signal is sent to the electronics to indicate the presence of liquid in the transducer gap. When there is no liquid present, the ultrasonic signal is attenuated, and the receive crystal is not able to sense the sound waves from the transmit crystal.

Features of Echotel Model 910 Ultrasonic Level Switch

  • Measures level within 0.25″ (6 mm) from the end of the tip-sensitive transducer gap
  • 8-amp DPDT gold flash or 5-amp DPDT hermetically sealed relay
  • Surface mount conformal coated electronics
  • FM, CSA, and ATEX approved for hazardous locations
  • Variety of mounting options including NPT and BSP threaded, flanges and hygienic connections
  • No calibration required
  • 316 stainless steel transducer
  • Mounted horizontally or vertically
  • Compact dual conduit cast aluminum electronics housing
  • Two-year product warranty

Applications of  Echotel Model 910 Ultrasonic Level Switch

  • Seal Pot Level
  • Low Level Alarm
  • High Level Alarm
  • OEM/Skid Packages
  • Pump Protection