External Cage Liquid Level Switch for Power Industry

The models included in this bulletin are sealed external cage liquid level switches selected specifically for use in power generation plants. All models are float-activated and provide highly reliable control incritical applications. Finned cooling extensions and a selection of dry contact switches are available for use in installations with process temperatures as high as +1200° F (+649° C). Magnetrol float level switches are designed to ensure a long service life with little required maintenance.


Features of External Cage Liquid Level Switch for Power Industry

  • Process pressures up to 3300 psi (228 bar)
  • Process temperatures up to +1000° F (+538° C) with standard models
  • Finned temperature extensions for applications to +1200° F (+649° C)
  • Specific gravity ratings as low as 0.59
  • Numerous snap switches to choose from
  • Gold contact switch options available
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel, and chrome-moly float chambers
  • All stainless steel floats & trim parts

Applications of External Cage Liquid Level Switch for Power Industry

  • Drip legs
  • Hot wells
  •  Deaerators
  • Feedwater heaters
  • Steam drums Flash tanks

Construction options

  • Most models available designed, built and certified to ASME B31.1 power piping code. Consult factory.
  •  Model B40-1B60 is available in high pressure design rated for 2533 psi @ +100° F (175 bar @ +38° C) or 1200 psi @ +1000° F (83 bar @ +538° C). Consult factory.
  • Other process connection types and sizes available. Consult factory.
  • Series B, F and HS switch available with gold contacts. Consult factory.
  • Second switch mechanism available on models B75, V75, and Z75. Consult factory.

Switch enclosure

  • NEMA 4X blue polymer coated carbon steel, weather resistant for non-hazardous areas
  • ATEX, IP66, NEMA 4X/7/9 blue polymer coated aluminum and cast iron enclosures

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