Flowserve Lubricated Plug Valves – SUPER H

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Flowserve Lubricated Plug Valves – SUPER H

BRAND: Serck Audco

Super-H is the pressure balanced Plug Valve that Serck Audco has developed while leading the market over the last 90 years. With the most typical applications found in natural gas, upstream hydrocarbon and slurries, this well-established design has proven its suitability on a range of demanding applications when zero leakage or bubble tight shut-off and reliability of operation are of prime importance.

Features and Benefits

Basic design advantages of Flowserve Plug Valve such as metal-to-metal seats and a wide seating area, along with competitive pricing, have made plug valves the product of choice when the valve operates in a difficult or dirty service and/or needs to open against full differential pressure. The robust metal-to-metal seats ensure long valve life on any service, even in presence of solid particles in the line media.


  • Certainty of zero leakage sealing down the line, even with damaged metal seats.
  • Certainty of operation with low and consistent torque which is stable over long periods of time.
  • Minimal maintenance regime.
  • Full in-line maintainability even under full pressure and without any need of shut down.
  • Assured sealing to atmosphere.

How It Is Achieved

  • Precise seat mating procedures.
  • Effective sealant injection system combined with wide seating areas.
  • Pressure balanced plug as standard, with option of Protected Pressure balance®
  • Super LoMu Anti Friction Treatment on plug and stem.
  • Precise factory set plug loading
  • Provision for sealant injection for the seats
  • Provision for stem packing re-injection
  • Independent stem sealing design that can meet stringent fugitive emissions requirements.
  • All pressure seals in fire safe metal or graphite.

Design Range

  • Super-H valves are available in Regular, Short or Venturi, Pattern, in accordance with API 6D, API 599 and BS 5353. The different patterns vary in regard to face-to-face dimension and port area for a given size of valve.
  • Size Range:
    • DN 15 to 1050
    • NPS ½ to 42
  • Pressure Class Range:
    • PN 20 to 420
    • Class 150 to 2500
    • API 2000 to 10000


  • API 6D – Specification for pipeline valves
  • API 6A – Specification for wellhead equipment
  • ISO 14313 – Petroleum and natural gas industries-Pipeline valves
  • ISO 10423 – Petroleum and natural gas industries-Wellhead equipment
  • API 599 – Metal plug valves – flanged, threaded and welding ends
  • BS 5353 – Specification for steel plug valves
  • ANSI B16.10 & BS 2080. – Face-to-face and end-to-end dimensions

Sample Applications

  • Bypass Equalizing Valve  : To resist the erosion caused by full differential pressure openings on a transmission line, it will seal to protect the main line valve
Bypass Equalizing Valves
Bypass Equalizing Valves
  • High Pressure Gas Isolation  :  Bubble tight shut-off on one of the more searching medias
High Pressure Gas Isolation
High Pressure Gas Isolation
  • Underground Storage : Protected metal seating to resist impurities and give zero leakage even on the highest pressures

Underground Storage

    Underground Storage
  • Slurry Isolation Extremely abrasive services, a robust valve with no cavities
Slurry Isolation
Slurry Isolation
  • Kicker, Vent and Drain on Scraper Traps Tight shut-off combined with limited throttling capabilities
    SuperH Kicker Vent and Drain on Scraper Traps
    SuperH Kicker Vent and Drain on Scraper Traps
  • Flowline Manifold Isolation Isolation ensured on high pressure dirty service       
SuperH Flowline Manifold Isolation
SuperH Flowline Manifold Isolation



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