Lithium Battery Storage

Zhongtian Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd.

It is wholly owned subsidiary of ZTT, and belongs to ZTT Renewable Energy Group . We focus on large BESS, Telecom power back up Li-ion battery cell and system R&D, production and sales. Our battery use LFP technology and our factory design annual capacity 8GWh. We become the leading company in power backup and large BESS industries.

In 2018, ZTT ranked No. 1 in Li-ion battery technology provider and system integrator of BESS (Estimated by CNESA)


Lithium Battery Storage

ZTT Group

ZTT Group


  •       LiFePO4 Battery V.S. Lead Acid Battery

Cost effective; Long life cycle; Environmentally friendly; Easy O&M

Cost effective

  •       Prismatic LFP Cell

Long Life and High Safety Cell

Long Life and High Safety Cell

  •       Battery Pack Design (Module + Unit Case)
    Bettery Pack Design
  •       Battery Container – Walk-in Type

Two doors in two sides of container, and one pathway in the middle of container.

  •       Battery Container – Non-Walk-in Type

No pathway in the middle of container, battery installation from outside of container.

  •      Integrated High-level Protection Module
  • By improving the temperature resistance level of the insulating film wrapping the cell, adding brackets on the top and bottom of the cell to prevent contact with metal objects, separating the connector and the sampling wires by layers, providing effective insulation and flame-retardant protection to prevent the runaway spread from a single cell to the entire unit case.
  • At the same time, the unit case adopts an integrated laser welding group process. All connected aluminum rows are connected without bolts, and there is no risk of loosening. The internal resistance of the connection is as low as 0.4mΩ, and the energy loss is extremely low.

Cell Advantages

  • Long Cycle Life
  • High safety
  • High consistency
  • Stable mechanical structure
  • Excellent sealing effect

Succussful Cases

  1. Grid-side Peaking and Frequency Modulation
    • Eastern Zhenjiang Phase I: Jianshan 5MW/10MWh(10KV), Danyang 12MW/24MWh(35KV),
      Dagang 16MW/32MWh(10KV), connected to the grid in July, 2018
    • Hunan Changsha Grid Phase I: Furong Substation room-type Energy Storage Power Station 26MW/52MWh, connected to the
      grid on April 23th, 2019
    • The effect of Zhenjiang Grid-side Energy Storage Project
    • Jiangsu Grid-side Energy Storage Project Phase 2 (Kunshan Station 60MWh)
  2. User-side Peak – Valley Arbitrage
    • GCL (10MWh Lithium Power) Distributed BESS Project
    • Hekou 6MWH BESS Project (Container type)
  3. PV+BESS
    • Huaneng Golmud Photovoltaic Industrial Park DC Side-1MWh BESS
  4. Wind Power+BESS
    • SPIC Hunan Longshan Wind Power + BESS Project 20MWh
  5. New Energy+BESS
    • Integrated Demonstration Project of Smart Wind + PV +BESS
  6. Lithium-ion Battery for BESS
    • South Power Grid EV Battery for BESS Project

Lithium Battery Storage for Solar Farm

Solar Project

  •       Mounting System

Solar Project

  1. Ground Type
  2. Color Steel Tile Rooftop
  3. Axis Tracking Type

Reference: 3GW
Certification: CPVT

  •       Inventer and Combiner Box

  •       PV Solar Cable
  •       Lithium Battery

Lithium Battery

  • National “863” demonstration project
  • China first container ESS to Germany

Lithium Battery Storage for Telecom

48V Battery Pack for Telecom Station

48V Battery Pack for Telecom Station

Ststem Products

System Products

Global Presence

Global Presence

Optical fiber annual production capacity of 85,000,000 core kilometers
Optical cable annual production capacity of 3,500,000 kilometers


(The Pearl of the Communication Industry Crown)

  • The only “super large size fully synthetic optical fiber preform” with complete independent intellectual property rights in China (Φ190mm*2m)
  • VAD(core) +OVD(cladding) complete synthetic preform manufacturing technology

Optical Fiber

(Special fiber fills domestic gap)

  • Low-loss fiber, (super) low-loss largearea fiber industry leading the industry, filling the domestic gap
  • Ultra-large length, ultra-high proof stress cable for Submarine cable
  • Extremely cold-resistant fiber, supporting the construction of Qinghai-Tibet transmission line

Fiber Optic Cable

(Special optical cable, power cable, submarine cable)

  • Intelligent Plant
  • World-class specialist for special fiber optic cable
  • ADSS, OPGW national single champion
  • Participated in the drafting of domestic industry standards for air blowing microcables
  • Maximum core number can be 864 fibers for Micro bundle cable
  • Participate in the revision of the international standard IEEE 1222-ADSS


  •       Coaxial Cable

Coaxial Cable

Coaxial CableThe only test platform for leaky coaxial cable tunnel simulation in China

    • Radio Frequency Cable
      • Rank: TOP 3 in China
      • Market share: Approx. 30% in China
    • Serve 465,000 base stations
    • More than 19,000 indoor distribution project
    • RF Jumper: TOP 5 in China
    • Leaky Cable
      • Rank: No.1 Brand in China
      • Market share: Over 50% in China market
    • Widely used in 42 cities, 158 subway lines globally
    • Carry 2,900,000 passengers every hour
  •       Hybrid Cable
    • Hybrid cable for BTS Project
      • China Telecom, China Mobile
      • Over 500 base station projects
    • Hybrid cable for IBS Project
      • China Telecom, China Mobile
      • More than 1000 indoor distribution projects
  •       Railway Signal Cable
  •       FTTx

Integrated service provider for complete FTTx product line

    • 83 global markets
    • 41 telecom operators
    • 38 power utilities
    • More than 200,000,000 FTTx households


  •       Antenna & FTTA
    • China Telecom, China Mobile
    • Over 60,000 base station projects
    • Base Station Antenna
    • Indoor Antenna
    • Camouflaged Antenna
    • Hybrid cable for FTTA system


Product for Data Center-MPO

Products for Data Center MPO
Products for Data Center MPO