Magnetic level indicator Vector™

Vector is a rugged, reliable and cost-effective Magnetic Level Indicator (MLI). Suitable for a variety of installations, Vector is precision-engineered and manufactured to ensure a long service life. It’s built to the highest quality standards and is equipped with a high-visibility indicator which has a shatter-resistant viewing window. The Vector MLI virtually eliminates maintenance and is a great replacement for hard-to-see, leaky, sight and gauge glass indicators. Optional switches and transmitters are available to provide alarm points and level control.


Designed as an alternative and upgrade to sight gauge devices, Magnetic Level Indicator (MLI) from Orion Instruments is manufactured to reliably and continuously provide accurate liquid level in a wide range of applications. Our MLI product line—manufactured globally at multiple facilities—requires minimum maintenance and eliminates vapor or liquid emission problems, which are common with sight glass. Orion Instruments specializes in precision engineered excellence and offers highly-customized configurations and options for process environments, including those with extreme temperatures and pressures.
The Vector™ model is an economical, rugged and reliable MLI suitable for a variety of applications in industries including Oil/Gas, chemical, water/wastewater, etc. Vector includes many features and capabilities of our premium models, and conforms to the same global manufacturing standards.


Magnetic Level Indicators (MLIs) rely on a magnetic float that travels up and down with the liquid in a chamber, which is mounted to a pressure vessel or storage tank.  The float contains a magnetic assembly that interacts with an externally-mounted visual indicator. As the float follows the liquid, the magnetic field causes highly contrasting flags in the visual indicator to rotate, therby displaying a highly visible representation of the level.

Magnetically-actuated external point switches and continuous transmitters can expand the function of the MLI by providing high or low alarms, as well as real-time level data supplied to the control room (4-20mA, HART, Foundation fieldbus).

Magnetic level indicator Gemini principle

Features of Magnetic level indicator Vector™

  • Rugged, industrial-grade construction
  •  Field-adjustable visual indicator for convenient viewing
  •  Continuous measuring range up to 538 cm (212″)
  • Compatible with electronic point switches and continuous level transmitters
  •  Media specific gravity as low as 0.55
  •  Shatter-resistant viewing window
  •  Single magnet per flag to enhance float coupling effect and self-alignment

Applications of Magnetic level indicator Vector™

  • Feedwater heaters
  •  Oil/water separators
  •  Flash drums
  •  Surge tanks
  •  Gas chillers
  •  Deaerators
  •  Blowdown flash tanks
  •  Hot wells
  •  Vacuum tower bottoms
  •  Alkylation units
  •  Propane vessels
  •  Storage tanks