Magnetrol External Chamber

The Magnetrol external chamber is a self-contained cage designed for use with our top mounting level transmitters or switches. Quality construction and a wide selection of configurations make this cage an ideal means of utilizing the power of our many technologies without mounting directly into the process vessel. The chamber is suitable for use with Eclipse Guided Wave Radar and Kotron® RF Capacitance transmitters, all electronic point sensors, and top mounted displacer switches.


Features of Magnetrol External Chamber

  • Sealed or flanged-top chamber options
  •  2″ and 3″ nominal chamber diameters to accommodate all sensing elements
  • Carbon steel or 316 stainless steel materials of construction
  • Rugged MAGNETROL commercial construction available as well as ASME B31.3, ASME B31.1, NACE or combined NACE and ASME B31.3 construction options
  •  Rated for pressures up to 6250 psi (431 bar)
  • For applications to +850 °F (+450 °C)
  • Lengths for measuring ranges to twenty feet (6.1 m)
  • Broad selection of process connections sizes and types
  • Head flange bolting included with flange-top models
  • Optimal design for use with ECLIPSE Guided Wave Radar transmitter:

    – Smallest possible chamber diameters

    –  Pressure rating to match High Temperature, High Pressure (HTHP) and High Pressure (HP) probes

    – Temperature rating to match HTHP probe

     – Minimal space above and below measuring range to accommodate measurement transition zones

  •  Suitable for use with RF capacitance transmitters, all electronic point sensors and top mounted displacer switches

Commercial Design 

  •  ASTM materials per model number
  • Slip-on head and process flanges (A) (unless weld neck connections are specified in model number)
  • Branch connections are pipe to pipe (B) for ≤ 600# construction and Bonney type fittings (C) for ≥ 900# construction

Design construction comparison

Magnetrol External Chamber 1

Applications of Magnetrol External Chamber

  • Replace existing caged torque-tube controls
  • New construction as well as retrofits
  • Boiler feed-water heaters
  • High pressure process vessels
  • Turbulent vessel conditions
  • Isolation of instrument desirable
  • Elevated temperature process conditions
  • Hydrocarbon and chemical process tanks