NanoGalv® product is a commercially-available surface coating system designed for corrosive and high strength applications.

NanoGalvwas designed to be a drop-in replacement for cadmium, hot dipped galvanize, epoxy and PTFE coatings that are commonly used in standard fasteners, washers and connectors.


New Technology – NanoGalv®

Nanolamination Technology

Delivers unique and disruptive performance in corrosion pretection, wear resistance, and durability. Our proprietary chemistry and wave form modulation produce multiple layers of metallic alloy structure that offer superior performance over traditoinal coating systems.

Nanolamination Technology 01
Nanolamination Technology

Industrial Application of NanoGalv®

NanoGalv® for any industry that uses metal:

NanoGalv Industrial 1
NanoGalv Industrial 2NanoGalv Industrial 3

NanoGalv® Product Description

NanoGalv® is claimed to offer the benefits of high-cost materials at much lower costs, because such materials can coat lower-cost materials that have other necessary properties such as strength.

The Nano-lamination process uses water-based chemistries, not solvents, to grow metal alloys on the base structure using a modulated electric current. It is a committed to producing novel technologies in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

NanoGalv® Metal Alloys

NanoGalv has substantial coating performance improvements in corrosion resistance, hydrogen embrittlement resistance, lubricity, stress relief and wear resistance.

NanoGalv® Performance

Tristar NanoGalv Performance
Tristar NanoGalv Performance

The Nanolayering Advantage

Nanolaminated alloys – think metallic plywood – comprised of layers that are nanometers in thickness. While derived from the same basic raw materials as conventional metals, nanolaminated alloys can be used virtually anywhere conventional metals and alloys are used today, but they provide signicant performance improvements over conventional metals, including: superior strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, thermal properties, fatigue performance and much more.