Honeywell Sensors


Airflow, current, displacement, force, heaters, hour meters, humidity, infrared, magnetic, position, pressure, proximity & temperature.


An electronic sensor detects and measures a physical phenomenon, such as temperature, pressure, force, or acceleration, and provides a corresponding output, usually in the form of an electronic signal.

Products of Honeywell Sensors 

Airflow Sensors

Contain advanced microstructure technology to provide a sensitive & fast response to flow, amount/direction of air or other gases.

Breath Alcohol Sensors & Analysers

Breath alcohol measuring without compromise

Current Sensors

Accurate & fast response for power management. Series includes adjustable linear, null balance, digital, & linear current sensors.

Flow Sensors

Sensors for measuring of breathing gas flow in adult applications. High product quality. RoHS compliant. Biocompatible components

Force Sensors

PCB sensors measure the addition or backup of force, with proportional output.

Gas Sensors

With more than 300 products detecting 28 different gases, we offer the widest range of gas sensors in the market today. Our sensors are available in variety of formats to satisfy the precise requirements of specific applications.

Humidity with Temperature Sensors

Honeywell HumidIcon™ combined humidity/temperature sensors & RH absorption-based humidity sensors.

Magnetic Sensors

Hall-effect or anisotropic magnetoresistive (AMR) sensor ICs in digital or linear outputs for angle, position & speed sensing; value-added packages.

Motion & Position Sensors

Rotary potentiometers, magnetic position sensors, resolvers, proximity sensors, & aerospace position measurement.

Particulate Matter Sensors

Particulate matter sensors use the light scattering method to detect and count particles in a given environment.

Pressure Sensors

Complete board mount or heavy duty pressure measurement solutions; easily configurable with wide choice of ports, connectors, outputs, & pressure ranges.

Pulse Oximetry Sensors

Pulse oximetry sensors that are available with resuable and disposable options. Easy handling and optimal cleaning and disinfection. Maximum resistance to mechanical stress. High wearing comfort through right sizes for all applications

Speed Sensors

Provide non-contact detection of rotating ferrous (affects a magnetic field) target such as a gear, shaft or similar mechanism.

Sensor Evaluation Kits

Boards and software for faster sensor evaluation.

Temperature Sensors

RTD & thermistor sensing elements & packaged temperature probes; commercial, precision & high reliability thermostats/thermal switches.

Physiological Sensors

City Technology and EnviteC Sensors measure a body’s response to specific elements. From alcohol to oxygen, our devices are accurate and reliable.

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