Shuangliang : Lithium Bromide Absorption Chiller

Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd., (Factory) Thailand

honda thailand
Honda Thailand
Chiller Type: Shuangliang Flue gas absorption chiller and Hot water absorption chiller utilizing with Jenbacher JMS 620 gas engine Total cooling capacity: 860 USRT
  • Honda Automobile(Thailand) Co., Ltd., is automobile manufacturer is in the Rojana Industrial estate, Phra Nakorn Si Ayutthaya Province. It needs to build a stability power station system and energy saving with the Tri-Generation system.
  • Honda Automobile project uses main power generation by Jenbacher Gas Engine and Natural gas as the fuel. The waste heat from the power generation system is used to produce the cooling capacity.

Shijiazhuang People's Hospital

Shijiazhuang People's Hospital
Shijiazhuang People's Hospital
Chiller Type: Shuangliang Flue Gas and Hot Water operated absorption chiller Total Cooling Capacity: 1,680 USRT x 2 units The main equipment includes:
  • Combustion Gas Engine 2 Megawatt x 2 units
  • Flue Gas & Hot water LiBr Absorption Chiller x 2 units
  • Centrifugal Chiller x 3 units
  • Hot water / Gas-fired Boiler x 3 units
  • Heat Exchanger x 3 units
Economic and Environmental benefits:
  • Increasing use rate of cooling, heating and power generation 86.6%
  • Compared with conventional coal-fired thermal power plants.
  • Saves 2974.35 t/a of standard coal per year with an energy-saving rate of 27%
  • CO₂ emission reduction 12156.18 t/a with a reduction rate of 48%

Pfizer Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Pfizer Asia Pacific Singapore
Pfizer Asia Pacific Singapore
Chiller Type: Shuangliang Steam operated absorption chiller Total cooling capacity: 2000 USRT Power Generation: Solar gas turbine and Heat Recovery Steam Generator Chiller: 3 sets Shuangliang steam chiller
  • Absorption chiller cooling capacity: 3 x 2330 Kilowatt
  • Pfizer Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. is a base of Pfizer Inc., which is the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical company.
  • Located within Tuas Biomedical Park, Pfizer’s Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) manufacturing plant started operations in 2003.
  • The site covers about 22 acres and employs close to 400 colleagues.

Shuangliang : Air cooled condenser (ACC)

References in biomass power plant

Shuangliang has received the letter of award (LOA) from Singapore ST Marine. It's about the award of bidding for air-cooled condenser in TUAS IWMF garbage power plant project. It is planned for two phases, each phase to generate 2X65MW power with waste treatment capacity to be 2,900 tons/day. In conclusion, When the project is completed, it will be the largest garbage incineration power plant in Singapore and even in whole Southeast Asia.
Biomass References

References in conventional power plant

Air cooled condenser Project for Siemens
Air cooled condenser Project for Siemens
  1. Air -cooled condenser Project for Siemens 4×1200MW New Capital CCPP in Egypt   ( ACC for the largest CCPP in the world)
  2. Botswana project (4×150MW)
  3. Guohua Dingzhou Power Plant in Hebei Province (2×660MW)
  4. Hulunbeier Power Plant (2×600MW)
  5. Wison Cathay Power plant for 1 × 60,000 ASU of Wison Cathay
  6. Air -cooled condenser unit for 4×60,000 ASU of Zhongmei Yulin Energy Chemical Co., Ltd.
  7. Air- cooled condenser for 4×60000 ASU for coal-to-alkene project of Shenhua Baotou Energy Co., Ltd.
  8. China Coal Tuke Energy Chemical Project for 2×40,000 ASU of China Coal Tuke Energy Chemical Co., Ltd.
  9. Air- cooled condenser for 4 × 48,000 ASU of Datang Keqi Coal-to-Gas Co., Ltd.
  10. Air cooled condenser unit for 1 × 35,000 ASU of Shenhua Yulin Energy Co., Ltd.
  11. Zero Water Consumption CHP System (ZWCCHP) in LATAM market
Zero Water Consumption CHP System
Zero Water Consumption CHP System (ZWCCHP) in LATAM market