Tristar Best-in-Class Bolts and Nuts

Tri-Star Group of Companies is the Leading Global Manufacturer and Supplier of Best in Class Bolts and Nuts, Cable Support Systems, Cathodic Protection Systems and Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning and Torquing Tools and Services to the worldwide Energy & Infrastructure sectors.


The Tri-Star Industries Group started business in the late 70’s, trading and manufacturing bolts and nuts. From humble beginnings, the Group has made significant progress to become a renowned manufacturer of fluoropolymer coated bolts and nuts, cable support systems, cathodic protection products & services and hydraulic bolt tensioning & torquing products & services for the Oil, Gas, Power, Petrochemical, Marine and Infrastructure Industries around the world.

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   Overview – Tristar Bolts and Nuts

       Fundamentals of Bolts and Nuts

In contrast to a screw, a bolt is typically accompanied with a nut and a washer in order to act as a fastener. As you tighten the nut, it forces the items you’re attaching towards one other, pushing the washer against one and tugging the bolt head against the other. Material, finish, size, and thread type must all be considered when matching a nut and washer to a bolt.

      Materials and finishes for bolts, nuts, and washers

Steel is a popular material for nuts and bolts, however if they will be exposed to moisture or pressure-treated timber, which may corrode steel fasteners, ordinary steel fasteners need a corrosion-resistant coating. There are many popular DIY finishes.

  • Zinc-plated bolts are corrosion resistant but should only be used inside. The finish is often thin, will not withstand the weather outside, and is not suitable for use with pressure-treated timber. Yellow zinc or yellow dichromate provides a layer that covers the zinc plating for increased corrosion resistance, but it does not offer protection for outdoor usage or when used with pressure-treated timber.
  • Hot-dipped galvanized nuts, bolts, and washers are more corrosion resistant. These fasteners are designed for outdoor usage and are compatible with pressure-treated timber.
  • Powder-coated paint finishes are intended for usage on the inside.
  • Black phosphate is a coating that allows for excellent paint adherence.
  • The corrosion resistance of epoxy and other coatings varies based on the kind of coating. Specific applications should be found in the product information.
  • Stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance. Stainless steel nuts, bolts, and washers are often used in exterior projects and when working with pressure-treated timber
  • Because of their enhanced strength, hardened steel bolts are often utilized in automobile assembly.

      Sizes of Bolts, Nuts, and Washers

Bolt, nut, and washer sizes will be specified in metric millimeters (mm) or standard or Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) inches (in). A bolt’s diameter is typically the outer diameter of the threads. Compare the outside diameter of a bolt to the interior diameter of a nut and washer. Diameters of 1/4 inch and less are denoted by a # and a whole number in SAE nuts and bolts (a bolt with a main diameter of 3/16 inch is a #10 bolt). Smaller numbers represent smaller dimensions.

The distance between the end of the bolt and the underside of the bolt head, also known as the bearing surface, is typically indicated by length.

      Thread Types for Bolts, Nuts, and Washers

Nuts and bolts are either coarsely or finely threaded. Match the threading of a nut to the threading of a bolt.

  • The most prevalent are coarse-threaded nuts and bolts, which have greater space between the threads. They’ll be identified by a higher thread pitch. Because coarse-threaded bolts and nuts are less prone to get stuck or cross-threaded, they may be secured more rapidly.
  • Fine-threaded nuts and bolts with lower thread pitches have fewer thread gaps, resulting in a tight, firm grip. Vibrations are less likely to dislodge a nut on a fine-threaded bolt but installing or removing the nut will take longer.

   PRODUCT OF Tristar Bolts and Nuts

       MASTERCOTE Fasteners

  • Studbolts
    Studbolts are made from long length of bars. We sell studbolts and nuts plain, Mastercote PTFE coated, Cadmium, Zinc Nickel Plated, Galvanised and other types of coatings. Electroless Nickel plating is also available.Mastercote® fluoropolymer coated bolts and nuts were developed by us to initially service the oil and gas companies in Malaysia. We worked closely with them to derive a product that was both effective and cost efficient.Mastercote® coating is effective and more economical than using stainless, incoloy, titanium and dother exotic materials.Mastercote® bolting materials last much longer than any other fluoropolymer coatings. Mastercote® gives the best corrosion resistance, low friction with self-lubricating, non-galling properties – thus reducing make-up and break out torques. It is excellent for offshore and subsea installations.Mastercote® resists most acids and is unaffected even when exposed to hydrogen sulphide at 121ºC at 2,000psi.

    •  ASTM A193 – Imperial sizes 3/8 to 4” dia
    • Metric sizes M12 tom M52
    • ASTM A320 L7 – 1/2” to 4”
    • ASTM A193 B16 – 1/2” to 4” dia
    • ASTM A193/A320 B8 Class 2 & Class 1
    • (SS304) 1/2” through to 2 3/4” dia
    • ASTM A193/A320 B8M Class 2 & Class 1
    • (SS316) 1/2” through to 2 3/4” dia

    In-House Furnace
    B7M/2HM and L7M/Gr 7M are produced in-house (tested and certified). These are then oiled, grit blasted, plated or Mastercote finished.

Studbolts 2

  • Subsea

Subsea        We are API 20E & 20F certified, specially to the subsea stringent requirements.

  • Anchor, U-bolts

Anchor U bolts

We manufcture “U” bolts, pipe clamps and anchor bolts to clients’ specifications, in different thread forms (UNC, 8UN and or Metric) of carbon, stainless steel or any material grades.
Available coating finishes: Zinc plate, Zinc-nickel plate, Cadmium plate, Xylan Fluorocarbon finishing coat. We also perform hot-dip and mechanical galvanizing in-house.
Optional items: Clamps or ‘U’ bolts can be supplied with Neoprene sleeve, pad or strip or vulcanized rubber.

  • Load Indicating Fasteners

         Maxbolt Load Indicating Fastener

Load Indicating Fasteners

Maxbolt load indicating fasteners continuously displays the amount of tension in a bolt or stud. They offer a simple method for accurate joint assembly, and it is the only product available (for most applications) that will continuously clamping force while the fastener is in service.
Maxbolt load indicating fasteners are manufactured by inserting extremely accurate and durable load monitoring devices into high quality bolts and studs. Now, even inexperienced workers can complete complex assemblies with full assurance that fasteners are at the proper tension. Maxbolt also provide in-service monitoring which will warn users of any loosening in order to avoid premature wear, unnecessary downtime, or catastrophic failure.Our Maxbolt load indicating fasteners comes in various shapes and sizes. It can be manufactured from standard ANSI materials to exotic materials.

        SPC4 Load Indicating Fasteners
        The SPCA load indicating fastener allows user to install a bolted assembly with confidence. The user can constantly monitor the clamp load of any SPC4 bolted joint whether static or dynamic, by attaching a probe to the datum disc located on the end of the fastener and reading the value on a hand held  battery powered digital monitor. Optional data gathering and storage of the bolted joint are available.The integrity of a bolted joint is jeopardized when fasteners lose their tension. This loss of clamping force begins during assembly due to elastic interactions and joint relaxation. Self-loosening continues when the joint is put in service due to vibrations, temperature changes, shocks, etc. The SPC4 joint allows the end-user to retighten only the bolts or studs that have lost their clamp load resulting in a tremendous saving of maintenance time, money and replacement parts. For a minimal investment, the SPC5 offers maximum joint integrity with optimum performance.

  • Specials

We manufacture all types of Special fasteners for the Energy & Infrastructure industries.