Welpsun Pipeline With Engineering Eexcellence

Welpsun Pipeline with Engineering Excellence

is one of world’s-leading welded linepipe Steel pipe manufacturer, and the flagship company of the Welspun Group.  Welpsun Pipeline , we believe in acquiring talent, developing skills, engaging individuals in multiple projects, and providing them with world-class experience and exposure, while keeping our core values at the crux of these activities.


Welpsun Pipeline Steel pipe

We’re a team of nearly 4,000+ people across the world, focused on building a ulture of ‘Engineering Excellence’in our Welpsun Pipeline

Over the last two decades, our innovative approach and, technical capabilities have helped us deliver some of the path-breaking Welpsun Pipeline projects across the world.

With over $1.2 billion of annual revenue, Welspun Corp is a true Indian multinational, operating across multiple geographies. We share a close relationship with our customers, and are the providers of choice for some of the largest players in the global oil and gas industry.

    Welpsun Pipeline Capacitied and Capabilities


Anjar: 150,000 MTPA


     Technical Excellence

  • 90 m long Looper Tunnel/ Accumulator with 180 meters strip length capacity
  • 600 kW solid state High Frequency Welder with on-line monitoring and data recording
  • 1500 kW Seam Normalizing Unit comprising 3×500 kW Induction Units
  • On-line Internal Bead Scarfing with CCTV monitoring
  • State-of-the-art ROTO UT System (Immersion Testing) for Weld, HAZ and Pipe Body (100% coverage)


LSAW India

Dahej: 350,000 MTPA
Anjar: 350,000 MTPA


       Technnological Excellence

  • High thickness rolling capabilities
  • Auto Pipe Dimension Measurement System (APDMS)
  • Online Plate UT System
  • State-of the-art, high capacity, PLC governed Mechanical Expander
  • High capacity (650 bar) Hydro Testing Machine
  • State-of-the-art Auto UT from GE Inspection Technology (2 lines)


Anjar: 380,000 MTPA
Dahej: 50,000 MTPA
Mandya: 150,000 MTPA
Bhopal: 175,000 MTPA


     Technological Excellence

  • 240 meters long, Non-stop Coil Feeding Line with on-line Transverse Milling and Flying Cross Seam Welding System
  • Max Coil Width: 2,800 mm for high productivity
  • Heavy duty, 45 MT capacity De-coiler
  • Digital pulse GMAW Welding System equipped with Automatic Lase Control for spatter free welding
  • Hight definition, Digital Control Power Wave SAW System with 3-axis Laser Seam Tracking


Welspun BENDS

Anjar, India: Hot Pulled Induction Bends, 39000 Number of Bends


      Tecnological Excellence

  • In-house Mother Pipe manufacturin
  • Controleed alloy design from steel making stage for mother pipes
  • 500 kW and 1500 kW Induction Heating capacity
  • Minimum wall thining and oveality
  • Precise bending redius and angle


Anjar: 13.45 million sq. m
Dahej: 5 million sq. m.


      Tecnological Excellence

  • Concrete Coating Capability for length up to 18 meters – 2nd in the world.
  • Continuous OD measurement monitoring
  • Automatic wire attaching and cutting system (currently on design stage and will be installed soon)
  • Fog cure system to achieve faster and better strength
  • Completely enclosed CWC Plant to coat in all weather condition
  • Anode gap filling by Polyurethane Foam or Mapei Grout

Welpsun Pipeline Standard


             Specification/ Grade

API 5L/ ISO 3183 (Grade up to X80/ L550), API2B, DNV-OS-F101,ASTM, EN10208

       2.External and Internal Pipe Coating

            Coating Product Range    

  • 3 Layer Polyethylene / Polypropylene Coating.

Complying ISO 21809-1, DIN 30670-12, DIN 30678-13, CSA Z.245.21-Series-14, NF49 710, NF49 711 and Client Specification

  • Fusion Bonded Epoxy (Single / Dual layer) coating.

Complying CSA Z 245.20 Series -14, NACE SP 0394-13, ISO 21809-2 and Client Specification

  •  Internal Flow Epoxy Coating.

Complying API RP5L 2, ISO 15741 and AWWA C210

  • External and Internal Bend Coating.

Complying EN 10290, API RP5L 2, ISO 15741 , AWWA C210 and Client Specification

  • Concrete Weight Coating

Complying ISO 21809-5, AWWA C 205, DNV-OS-F101 and Client Specification

     Anjar Manufacturing Plant & Dahej Manufacturing Plant

       Anjar Manufacturing Plant

 Anjar Manufacturing Plant

Key Highlights

  • Spread over a total area of c.1,000 acres
  • Captive power capacity of 159 MW
  • Approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance for Environmental and Safety standards – ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007
  • SA 8000
  • International Safety Award 201


       Dahej Manufacturing Plant

Key Highlights

  • Spread over an area of c.100 acres
  • Captive power capacity of 6 MW
  • Approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance for Environmental and Safety standards – ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007
  • SA 8000
  • Awards: National Safety Award 2015

     Project Reference

FPT Pipeline transportation limited
FPT Pipeline transportation limited

Client RecognitionWelspun-Client-Recognition-for-Superior-Technical-Capabilities-Delivery-Oil-and-GasWelspun-Client-Recognition-for-Superior-Technical-Capabilities-Delivery-Transportation

  • Preferred vendor to 50+ Oil & Gas companies globally enhancing ability to participate in bids of key projects
  • Accredited for both, products and plant facilities, from global oil & gas majors requiring stringent specifications and quality requirements
  • Superior capabilities resulting in being a sole supplier to qualify the specifications and quality tests
  • Historically, enjoyed long term frame agreement with 3 marquee oil & gas clients
  • Local presence in major markets provides ability to quickly adapt to customer requirements
  • Leading supplier to key water projects across Saudi Arabia and India


Welpsun environment Award