LNG Ambient Air Vaporizer (AAV)

GMS has responded the continuous growth of LNG industry and seek out leading technology to serve our customer’s demand in developing LNG business such as, LNG storage tank, vaporizer, pressure regulating unit (PRU) or even in entire LNG station and others.

LNG Ambient Air Vaporizer (AAV) that we provide comes from leading technology manufacturers with international certification that has been accepted all over the world and competitive price. The vaporizer material and design comply ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.


Overview – LNG Ambient Air Vaporizer (AAV) 

About the vaporizer, Gms Interneer offers low-high pressure range. The vaporizer is designed for specific customer’s requirements.Moreover, our product ensures that low temperature gas would not get into the pipeline. Moreover, the consulting service for LNG equipment design, standard and DOEB authorization is available for our customers.

Ambient air vaporizers are relative heat exchangers which vaporize liquified gas by using absorbed heat from the ambient air. Liquid gas passes through a number of interconnected tubes in various series and parallel paths. Due to this simple principle of operation, these vaporizers have no movable parts which results in zero OPEX and low maintenance costs. Plus, Ambient air vaporizers are in a wide range of application throughout the industry.


Application of LNG Ambient Air Vaporizer (AAV) 

The function of the LNG ambient air vaporizer is transforming liquified natural gas (LNG) to natural gas (NG). Heat transfer mechanism in the vaporizer is ambient air convection heat transfer to heat up LNG in liquid state to become vapor state or natural gas. After, the natural gas shall be provided to customers for utilizing as fuel in industrial or power plant. Ambient air vaporizers represent the most cost-effective equipment to vaporize or re-gasify liquid cryogenics.

The components of vaporizer that is important for heat transfer between LNG and ambient air is tubes cladded with aluminum for enhancing heat transfer area as shown in the picture. This feature can help the vaporizer to be more compact.

fin tube
Fin tube in a ambient air vaporizer (AAV) from bird eye view

The ambient air vaporizer can categorize as application features following

  •  Low pressure ambient vaporizer for the pressure is not exceed 40 Barg
  •  High pressure ambient vaporizer for the pressure is more or equal to 40 Barg
  •  Fan forced vaporizer for controlling air flow rate efficiently
  •  Mobile vaporizer in frame for locatable application
  •  Pressure building vaporizers for controlling pressure in a storage tank

Another alternative

Fan assisted Vaporizer or Fan Ambient temperature vaporizer is very useful for any application. It provides increased run-times for vaporizer by increasing substantial flow rate in smaller footprints. As air forced upon the fins ice accumulation takes place, which reduce defrost cycle and improves ability for frequent switching of LNG fan forced Vaporizer. Contrasted from Natural ambient atmospheric vaporizers, Fan Assisted Vaporizers are covered from all sides with inverted fan on the top. This high velocity fan forced fresh air from top, which substantiates downward flow of heavy air further and almost doubles the regasification capacity of Vaporizer. Fan forced Vaporizer have been proved that they are worth in congested industrial units where Natural wind draft cannot accessible.

another alternative

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