WELSPUN CORP Pipes and Plates technology is a mechanized epoxy powder feeding system. WCL currently uses the perfect technology to offer turnkey solutions in pipes with longitudinal pipe capacity (LSAW), threaded (HSAW) and HFERW. / HFI (ERW) The company also has coating, bending and splicing facilities. which will solve the 360 ​​degree pipe problem for the company’s customers. The controleed alloy is also designed from the steel fabrication process for the mother tube.





Technological Excellence

  • Mechanized Epoxy Powder Feeding System
  • On-line monitoring and recording by Optical Pyrometer and Chart Recorder
  • Automatic OD Coating Stripping Line (offline)
  • Environmental friendly High Volume Bag Filters with Dust emission Levels less than 20mg/Nm3
  • 4000kW High-Frequency Induction Heat System
  • 125 Feet Long Cooling Tunnel with Stainless Steel Troughs designed for uniform laminar flow of water
  • Efficient Curing Chamber at Internal Lining with mechanized feeding to External Coating Line

External and Internal Pipe Coating

            Coating Product Range    

  • 3 Layer Polyethylene / Polypropylene Coating.

Complying ISO 21809-1, DIN 30670-12, DIN 30678-13, CSA Z.245.21-Series-14, NF49 710, NF49 711 and Client Specification

  •  Fusion Bonded Epoxy (Single / Dual layer) coating.

Complying CSA Z 245.20 Series -14, NACE SP 0394-13, ISO 21809-2 and Client Specification

  •  Internal Flow Epoxy Coating.

Complying API RP5L 2, ISO 15741 and AWWA C210

  •  External and Internal Bend Coating.

Complying EN 10290, API RP5L 2, ISO 15741 , AWWA C210 and Client Specification

  •  Concrete Weight Coating

Complying ISO 21809-5, AWWA C 205, DNV-OS-F101 and Client Specification