LSAW (Longditudinal)

WCL currently offers one stop solution in 600 kW solid state High Frequency Welder with on-line monitoring and data recording line pipes with a capacity to manufacture Longitudinal (LSAW), Spiral (HSAW) and HFERW / HFI (ERW) pipes. The company additionally offers coating, bending and double jointing facilities, thereby giving a 360-degree pipe solution to its customers.



Technnological Excellence

  • High thickness rolling capabilities
  • Auto Pipe Dimension Measurement System (APDMS)
  • Online Plate UT System
  • State-of the-art, high capacity, PLC governed Mechanical Expander
  • High capacity (650 bar) Hydro Testing Machine
  • State-of-the-art Auto UT from GE Inspection Technology (2 lines)