LNG pressure regulator unit

LNG Station LNG pressure regulator unit

A system which adjusts the pressure of gas and fluid to an appropriate level is Pressure regulator unit (PRU). The process depends on negative feedback from the controlled pressure. This regulator may be used as an integral device for liquid and gas which includes a pressure setting, a sensor and a restrictor all in one body.


Application of Pressure regulator unit (PRU)

The primary function of a pressure reducing regulator is to control the flow of gas through the regulator to a desired value while sustaining an output pressure constantly. While the load flow reduces, the Pressure regulator unit flow will reduce too. In contrast, While the load flow rises, the regulator flow rises to sustain controlled pressure from gas shortage in the pressure system. Generally, the controlled pressure won’t be much different from the set point for a wide range of flow rates. Moreover, the flow through the regulator is expected to be constant and the regulated pressure won’t be oscillated excessively.

 The pressure regulating system includes emergency shut-off valve, multi-stage heat exchanger, multi-stage pressure regulator, relief valve, intelligent flow meter, bypass valve and control system, etc. The control system includes pressure, temperature, flow display and safety interlocking. The heating system includes gas boiler, hot water circulation pump or electric heater.

A high differential pressure appears in LNG pressure regulator skid. Firstly, this device connects with LNG vaporizer by hose and quickly connector. After that, LNG which changes to NG runs into pressure regulating unit through the high-pressure hose, ball valve, filter, and cut-off valve. The pressure will be about 1.0 ~ 4.0Mpa depending on customer requirement by pressure regulator.

The secondary regulator will control the gas pressure following to customer’s demand. In case of low pressure of the outlet, the third pressure regulating will be necessary.

The gas flow meter will measure NG that passes it. Finally, it will be sent to middle pressure pipeline.  Normally, LNG Pressure regulating unit can be assembled by contractor at the site. Furthermore, Gms Interneer can provide pressure regulating unit skid for portable platform as temporary station.