Leading the Way in Sustainability: GMS Interneer and GMS Solar

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We’re pleased to share that GMS Interneer Co., Ltd. and GMS Solar Co., Ltd. are leading the way in Thailand’s sustainable energy transition.

In 2023, they became the first companies in the country to achieve 100% clean energy usage through EKOenergy, a respected eco-label for renewable energy.

EKOenergy ensures that the clean electricity powering GMS Interneer and GMS Solar comes from sources with minimal environmental impact. Furthermore, the program contributes to social initiatives and supports remote areas.

This commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with the growing global focus on clean energy. EKOenergy is recommended by leading organizations like the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and LEED. Whether you’re looking for clean energy for your business, building, or even an event, EKOenergy offers a solution.

As the first authorized distributor of EKOenergy in Thailand. Feel free to contact us at Contact@gmsthailand.com or Line @gmsthailand.

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