Advanced Apura Gas Separation Membrane

To meet pipelines tranmission specifications, gas processing operations treat or condition produced gas that contains acid gases. Theses acid gases need to be removed because they lower the heating vale of natural gas and accelerate the corrosion of pipelines and transmission control equipment. Apura Gas Separation Membrane from Fujifilm demontrated excellent CO2 and H2S seperation capabilities and proved to recover more hydrocarbons compared with traditional spiral-wound membranes

Overview – Apura Gas Separation Membrane

  •  No chemical usage and >30% more recovery of saleable hydrocarbons

The Apura gas separation membrane is a durable, spiral-wound, multilayer composite membrane. It is ideally suited to seamlessly replace traditional cellulose acetate (CA) spiral-wound elements for acid gas removal to meet pipeline transmission specifications.

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Advanced Multicomposite Spiral-would modile

  Apura membranes are designed for use in high-pressure, medium- to low-CO2 applications for bulk and fine removal of contaminants such as water, CO2, and H2S. The smaller ecological footprint—reduced power consumption and zero chemical requirements—provides substantial savings on total cost of ownership and releases fewer emissions compared with amine systems.

  •   Advantages

    • Increases recovery of saleable hydrocarbons by 30% or more compared with traditional CA spiral-wound membranes
    • Extends membrane life up to 40% in water-rich conditions
    • Enables simple plug-and-play replacement of CA spiral-wound membranes
    • Releases fewer emissions than amine systems
    • Eliminates chemical requirements
    • Reduces power requirements

Application of Apura Gas Separation Membrane

Feed gas enters from the side of the spiral-wound Apura membrane, enabling smaller molecules, such as CO2 and H2S, to pass through the multiple layers in a crossflow manner. They then enter the central perforated tube at lower pressure. The high-pressure nonpermeate gasstream, rich in hydrocarbons and depleted of CO2, flows to the next section of membrane modules to repeat this process until the necessary product gas specifications are met. The low-pressure CO2-rich permeate stream is collected in the central perforated tube and routed to the desired location as a wastestream. Apura membranes are available in 8-in and 8.25-in diameters.  

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