CYCLOTECH Cyclonic Separation Technologies


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Robust technologies for integrated produced water treatment strategies

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CYCLOTECH Cyclonic Separation Technologies

Deoiling hydrocyclone technologies are integral to our produced water treatment capability. They represent the state of the art in produced water treatment technology, optimizing the critical balance between oil-removal efficiency and capacity and ensuring that peak separation is achieved in the most cost-effective and space-efficient manner. The technologies are leveraged with a globally installed base of both onshore and offshore facilities.

With no moving parts for greater reliability, our deoiling hydrocyclones achieve liquid-liquid separation using a pressure drop across the unit. Their liners are manufactured from a range of wear-resistant materials, including tungsten carbide or reaction-bonded silicon carbide. They can also be manufactured with an advanced ceramic that provides a wear life up to 10 times that of a standard duplex stainless steel liner.

CYCLOTECH B Series deoiling hydrocyclone technologies

B Series technologies treat water streams containing up to 2,000 mg/L of oil to meet a discharge-water oil content of 30 mg/L, or more commonly, stretch targets as low as 15 mg/L.