Dehydration and Desalting


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Dehydration and Desalting

Our wide range of AC/DC electrostatic crude oil dehydration and desalting technologies provides increased influent flexibility, higher throughput, reduced energy consumption, and compact designs for topside applications. >

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BILECTRIC HF High-Frequency AC Desalter
Efficient and compact solution for refinery desalting where challenging crude slates, including low-API and conductive crude oils, are present.

NATCO DUAL FREQUENCY Electrostatic Treater
Use of both AC and DC power supporting significant process improvement compared with conventional AC electrostatic technologies.

NATCO DUAL POLARITY Electrostatic Treater
More efficient dehydration and desalting and a larger operating range with lower operating temperatures than equivalent AC electrostatic and mechanical treaters.

NATCO ELECTRO-DYNAMIC DESALTER Electrostatic Desalting Technology
Five technologies combined to provide a compact, reliable, and effective desalter with a single vessel.