Overview of PERFORMAX*


PERFORMAX* Matrix Plate Coalescer was first introduced by NATCO.

The PERFORMAX* coalescer was designed to replace the traditional horizontal freewater knockout drum as the primary oil-water separator. Most of the oil-water separation occurs within the coalescing section near the front of the vessel. This enhanced oil-water separator requires less length downstream for the effective separation.

PERFORMAX* coalescing plate pack is manufactured from various materials, such as stainless steel 304, and 316, depending on the operating conditions

We have applied it for horizontal high-efficiency phase separator to ensure mechanical coalescence and improved separation.

Application of PERFORMAX*

The PERFORMAX* coalescing plate pack has been useful over the entire range of producing conditions, and for oil & gas industries, refineries, and petrochemical plants. The applications include;

  • Oil and Water Treating Systems
  • Freewater knockout drums (FWKO)
  • Horizontal Longitudinal Flow Separator/ Coalescer
  • Robust three-phase separation with mechanical coalescence
  • Oil Dehydration Equipment
  • NATCO DOX: Dispersed oil extractor system for Ethylene quench water treatment
High-Efficiency Phase Separation Internal
High-Efficiency Phase Separation Internal


The advantages contain;

  • enhanced water and oil quality
  • enhanced oil-water separation
  • lower gas entrainment
  • lower emulsion breaker chemical requirements
  • lower fuel costs

as compared to the common industrial standard separator

Project Reference

  1. PTTGC – 2023
    PTT Global Chemical logo
    Mesh Pad and PERFORMAX Structured Packing for 2-Phase Separator Including

    (1) x 82-1/4″ OD x 4″ Thick Wire Mesh Mist Pad, 9# Density, 304SS Material with 1″ top and bottom SS Grids, 12 sections
    (3) x 82-1/4″ OD x 11-3/8″ Thick Coalescer Plate Pack, 304SS Material Full Diameter CPP, 12 sections, 304SS Shroud Wrapped Outer Edge of Packing